My cat was so happy when I picked her up! Arlene and Ray really know cats so I can go on vacation and know that my girl is being well taken care of.

Nancy G., Maple Valley, WA

Designed specifically just for cats!

Your cat will love their comfortable digs. Each room has a view, climbing venues, fresh running water, all this and more in a temperature controlled room! Meow!

Special diet? No problem!

We can accommodate for your cat’s diet, even treats! Just bring the food and the feeding schedule and we will do the rest! We are your cat’s “home away from home!” Meow!

Just Cats -- no Dogs, ever!

We are a “cat only” boarding facility located just outside of Covington, WA. Although we love dogs & all animals, our Inn is designed specifically for your feline family. Book today!

If I was a cat, this is where I would choose to stay!

Jim M., Maple Valley, WA

We love cats at Cozy Kitties Inn!